Benthic community responses to organic enrichment during an ENSO event (2009–2010), in the north coast of Rio de la Plata estuary

The 2009–2010 “El Niño”-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event was characterized by a warm-phase leading to a five-fold increase in the Río de la Plata river flow and an associated change in trophic state because of organic enrichment. We analyzed the biotic response of benthic communities to such an increased trophic state during this ENSO event using community and biotic indices (diversity indices and AMBI). Polychaeta exhibited the highest richness and second the most abundant values while the small gastropod Heleobia australis was the most abundant and frequent species. An increase in richness and diversity of Polychaeta was associated to a concomitant increase of RdlP flow and the organic enrichment of the macrobenthic species. Community indices (richness and diversity) showed variability at both temporal and spatial scale and but only AMBI exhibited spatial variability without significant differences between contrasting environmental conditions (ENOS phases).


Ernesto Brugnoli
Pablo Muniz
Natalia Venturini
Felipe García-Rodríguez

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