Decline of native bees (Apidae: Euglossa ) in a tropical forest of Panama

Abstract – We measured abundance, diversity, and richness of Euglossa bees (Euglossini, Apidae) in lowland
semi-deciduous forest in Darién National Park, Panamá, during the wet and dry seasons in the canopy and
understory for five consecutive years (2013 to 2017) using McPhail traps baited with eucalyptus oil. We found a
precipitous decline in abundance and richness throughout the 5 years of our study. Alpha diversity also declined
throughout the study.Abundance, species richness and alpha diversity were significantly higher in the dry than in the
wet season. There were no significant differences in the diversity, richness, or abundance between the canopy and
understory. Our data contrast sharply with previous long-term studies of euglossine bees which showed stable


Dumas Gálvez

Adam Smith
Alonso Santos Murgas
Álvaro Vega-Hidalgo
Yostin Jesús Añino Ramos
Erin Krichilsky

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